In order to check the effectiveness of our equal opportunities policy we monitor a range of areas where people may experience discrimination.

We would be pleased if you would complete the form below. The information you give will not be available to people involved in the selection process and will be used for monitoring purposes only. All information will be treated in strict confidence and names will not be shown in any statistics produced.


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The Equalities Act 2010 Defines Disability as a Physical or Mental Impairment Which Has a Substantial and Long-Term Adverse Effect On a Person's Ability To Carry Out Normal Day To Day Activities.

Ethnic Origin Is About Colour and Broad Ethnic and Cultural Group, Different Groups May Face Different Experiences of Discrimination. The Categories Closely Match Those Used in the 2001 Census For Scotland.

Other Ethnic Background
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Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

If You Have Any Previous Conviction(s), Regardless of When It Was or What It Was For, Or If You Have a Court Appearance Pending Please Supply Details Below.


Should you prefer, a downloadable Equal Opportunities and Criminal Convictions Form can be found here. Upon completion, email the form to