Active Schools 100 Day Challenge            

In the run up to Summer Active Schools challenged you to take part in our fun 100 Day Challenge. The videos, some shown below, were viewed over 110,000 times in total and the challenge went global with videos being submitted by Sydney FC Footballers in Australia! You can also search on Facebook or Twitter for #activeschools100 to see more videos. Feel free to give the challenges a try.


Challenge 1: Football Keepy Ups

Challenge 2: Hockey Dribble - How many touches can you do in 20 seconds?

Challenge 3: Table Tennis Keepy Ups


Challenge 4: Rowing


Challenge 5: Badminon Trick Shots


Challenge 6: Rugby Trick Shot


Challenge 7: Tennis Challenge


Week 8: Speed Bounce

Challenge 9: Basketball Trick


Challenge 10: Head the ball