Active Girls Committee take action for Women in Sport Week

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Posted on: 20th Jun 2017

The Active Girls Committee is a pioneering Aberdeen initiative, empowering young girls to increase participation in sport and physical activity.

Active Girls Committee

Active Girls Committee

The Committee, comprised of 15 pupils from nine different schools in Aberdeen, was founded in August 2016 by Active Schools Aberdeen.

In support of Women in Sport Week the committee hosted the ‘Girls Big Day Out’ aimed at engaging with young girls from across 10 different Aberdeen schools and encouraging participation in sport by addressing issues including mental and physical health. 

The girls have pledged to work together to get more girls active across the city, addressing issues and empowering their peers. A recent study carried out by the committee revealed that nearly six out of ten girls don’t take part in sport and physical activity because they feel self-conscious.  

Active Girls Committee chairperson Aimee Work has taken the time to share her reasons for getting involved with the project:

What I love about the Committee:

We are a group of girls that all have the same interests, hopes and goals for girls and young women within Aberdeen and that is what makes us strong. We hope that the launch will help raise awareness. If more and more girls know about the Active Girls Committee then it is a chance to get more involved!

I have made new friends, enjoyed sport with others and have really seen how life can positively change you through being part of this project.

Sport can sometimes be perceived as something that is boring or that takes a lot of effort, but this is where we want to change that and make it more social and fun as possible!  

We don’t need the strict rules or the pressure that is sometimes put on us. As a group we want the girls to have a laugh, and make friends and have a chat whilst saying active!

Knowing that we all want to achieve the same thing, getting more girls active while having fun, is what makes me love being part of the committee. I hope you will all love it, as much as we do.

Why I joined:

This committee means the world to me as sport and exercise is a major part of our lives if we want to keep healthy. For me it came to a point stage where there wasn’t any point. I found it hard to see a point reason in being here anymore, and I want to make sure that girls and young women have the physical and mental support that they need.

Stress can have a major impact on our lives and just being able to play a sport with friends, or even just going for a run, can make all the difference to our day and give us a chance to clear our heads! Many girls aren’t confident enough to go to a new club on their own or simply don’t know where to start when it comes to health and fitness, and we want to change that.

I joined The Active Girls Committee to be able to encourage, motivate, support and guide these girls through their journey, so that they can become confident, happy and most importantly start to enjoy taking part in sport!

Our message to you:

So girls, have think about how sport can become a positive part of your life, just like it is ours. Think of the physical, mental and social benefits that will come hand in hand with taking part in exercise. You will also be giving the committee the support it needs in your school. We want to see The Active Girls Committee achieving everything it has set out to do, and only you can make it happen!

Thank you everyone and we can’t wait to welcome more girls into the wonderful world of sport, Active Girls Committee chairperson - Aimee Work x