Level up your 10k training with Sport Aberdeen

Posted by: Ally Barron

Posted on: 13th Apr 2017


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I hope your training for the Baker Hughes 10k is going great, and that my motivating tips and tricks have helped you along the way! Today I have a few ways for you to level up your training programme with some alternative exercises and sessions that you can do at Sport Aberdeen venues.

Switch up your cardio

As I’m sure you are aware - your heart and lungs work hard during a run. The more often you train the better they get at their job, which means you can run faster and for longer - good news with a 10k on the horizon! Running is not the only exercise that will help you improve this cardio fitness though - going for a swim, cycle or session on the rowing machine all work great too. Switching them in for one of your runs every now and again will give your joints a welcome rest. All Sport Aberdeen gyms have great cardio equipment and with a Level 2 Get active membership you can use any Sport Aberdeen venue to train in as well as attending any public swim sessions at our pools!

Muscle up

Talking of the gym, improving your strength is a great thing to include in your regular programme once or twice a week. Don’t worry, I’m not talking about becoming a bodybuilder here! We have both fixed resistance and free weights available at all our gyms and you will feel a massive benefit by using them to work on your balance, posture and to develop the right muscles for running. To help you out there are Get active starter programmes available at the Jesmond Centre. Here you can book in for a 121 programming session with one of the coaches, or attend the Lift the Bar class for an introduction to weights! It’s a great way to improve your running, book in at the Jesmond Centre now.

Class times

Fitness classes come in loads of different varieties. Choosing something high in intensity like Indoor Cycling or Metafit will give you a great cardio workout, while Lift the Bar and Body Pump are great introductions to strength training. Classes like Body Balance, Yoga and Pilates even out the offering with something slower based to improve flexibility, balance and core strength. All three work well as part of a run plan – so if the gym or swimming isn’t your thing but you want to add in something different, a class could be the solution! Find a class near you here.

That’s all from me!

If you are looking to include something new or switch it up hopefully something caught your eye there, and you know how it can help your running too! All the best for the last few weeks of training. Good luck!