Welcome to your 10 weeks to 10K training plan

Whether you have run the BHGE 10K Running Festival before or are looking to set yourself a new challenge, we have the choice of two training plans to help keep you motivated and get you ready for the race on Sunday 5 May 2019.

10 weeks to 10K Training Plans

If you’ve already signed up to the BHGE 10K Running Festival on Sunday 5 May 2019, we’ve got the choice of two 10 week training plans to meet your needs:

Beginner – for if you’re new to running and would like to train for a 10K run
Improver – for if you’ve already done a race of 10K or longer and would like to improve your time

Beginner 10K Training Plan         Improver 10K Training Plan

Make Aberdeen's longest running road race your latest challenge. Join us on Sunday 5 May 2019 for the BHGE 10K Running Festival.

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Your 10 weeks to 10K Training Journey

Use #10WKSTO10K to tag us in your posts documenting your training and to see who is joining you on your 10 weeks to 10K journey.

We will also be following the training journey of one of our race participants in the Evening Express every Saturday, so make sure you purchase a paper to find out how they are getting on.