Top 5 places to run in and around Aberdeen

Training for a 10K is going to mean regular runs in the evenings and  weekends. Whilst a jog around the block might be a good starting point, you are going to want to keep things fresh and you might as well take in some of the beautiful, scenic locations on offer in and around Aberdeen and the Shire whilst you're at it.  Here's a selection of 5 of our favourite runs to get you started:Read more

How Sport Aberdeen can help your 10K training

Although you may have already started your training, it is beneficial to practice other types of training to help get you prepped for the for the BHGE 10K on Sunday 5 May.Read more

5 alternative haggis recipes for Burns Night

Whether you eat it once a year to honour Robert Burns or include it as a staple of your diet, take a look at our alternative haggis recipes that give the haggis a whole new lease of life this Burns Night.Read more

Running a 10K and setting your goals

Running has many benefits to your health. It reduces the risk of heart disease, raises your energy levels, helps you to loose or maintain weight and strengthens your bones and joints.Read more

Other types of training to help with the BHGE 10k

Health and Wellness Advisor Ashleigh shares training alternatives to get you prepped for the BHGE 10k Running Festival on Sunday 20th May.Read more

Using a 10k to train for bigger races

Health and Wellness Advisor, Briony shares her tips for using the BHGE 10k towards training for bigger races.Read more