10 weeks to 10K - week 9

Now that race day is almost here, it’s time to really test yourself. Beginner runners, this means challenging yourself to the full 10K and intermediate runners, this means running 12K. Read more

10 weeks to 10K - week 8

Breath in confidence, exhale doubt. You’ve done most of the hard work already, but now it’s time to settle into your race pace. When running long distances, whether its 10K or 50K, finding and keeping your rhythm is key to controlling your pace and energy levels. Read more

10 weeks to 10K - week 7

Training for a race requires physical stamina and mental fortitude but it also requires a balanced diet that fuels you. Having a good nutrition plan for pre and post run meals will keep your energy stores full and help you recover quicker. Read more

My Journey with Sport Aberdeen: Shãron Mathers

At 47 years of age, Shãron Mathers was - in here own words - unable to swim a single stroke. After following in her children's footsteps and learning to swim with Aquatics Aberdeen she has gone on to swim her first ever 2.5k Swimathon. Read more

3 ways your mindset can help improve your race time

When training for a long distance run like a 10K, we will log numerous miles, run intervals and partake in cross training, all with the end goal of getting physically fitter to help us run faster. However, the mental side of running is just as important as the physical side of training when it comes to keeping your body moving to get you over the finish line. Read more

10 weeks to 10K - week 6

During a run you will feel strong, push through the pain and will be overcome by one of the best feelings in the world when you finish. However, the next morning when you get out of bed, every step you take hurts! Read more