My Journey with Sport Aberdeen: Kira McRobb

18 year old Kira McRobb started her gymnastics journey at the age of 3 and has been competing competitively since the age of 8. We had a chat with her to learn a bit about why she loves her sport so much. Read more

Volunteer Profile: Hazlehead Golf Club Volunteer Group

Say hello to the Hazlehead Golf Club Volunteer Group, who have been volunteering with Sport Aberdeen's Golf Team at Hazlehead since 2016. Read more

Sport Aberdeen staff Get active: Nathan Brown

Nathan Brown, a Supervisor at Sport Aberdeen's Tullos Swimming Pool, has recently returned from a trip to Thailand to train in the sport of Muay Thai. We had a chat with Nathan to find out more about his journey to getting active. Read more

Volunteer Profile: Aileen Dawson

Say hello to Aileen Dawson, who works for Sport Aberdeen and who volunteers with Bucksburn Swimming Club. Read more

Volunteer Profile: Rebecca Hardy

10/05/2019 - Say hello to Rebecca Hardy, who has volunteering with Sport Aberdeen's Active Lifestyles programme since 2018. Read more

Volunteer Profile: Laura Taylor

Say hello to Laura Taylor, who has volunteered with Sport Aberdeen's Active Schools programme since 2017. Read more