Intensive swimming courses are a great way to improve skills quickly, meet new friends and work with different teachers. Classes operate for beginner and improver swimmers from 4.5 years of age at various pools across the city.

When do these classes run?

  • All our intensive swim classes run from Monday – Friday.
  • To find out specific times for classes please check out the timetable on the Intensive Swim Classes web page.

How much do these camps cost?

  • Classes cost £32.10 per week.

Important notice

If your child is currently attending the Aquatics Aberdeen lesson programme, please enrol him/her at their current level.

If your child is new to or not currently in Aquatics Aberdeen lesson programme the correct classes are as follows:

Swim Skills 1A:

  • School-age beginners aged 4.5 years and upwards;
  • Children who have not had swimmings lessons previously;
  • Cannot float or propel unaided, or are currently in Swim Skills 1A Level.

Swim Skills 1B:

  • Confident beginners who can float unaided on both front and back;
  • Swim 5m front crawl and back crawl.

Swim Skills 2A:

  • Improvers who can float unaided on both front and back;
  • Swim 10m front crawl and back crawl.

Swim Skills 2B/3

  • Advanced Improvers who are confident in deep water;
  • Can swim a minimum of 15m front crawl, back crawl and breaststroke with regular breathing to the side.

If you are unsure on what level to book please contact the Aquatics Team on 01224 047934 or email [email protected]

Is there a discount for booking early?

  • No discount is available for intensive swim classes.

What do I need to pack for my child?

  • Appropriate swimwear;
  • Long hair should be tied back or swim cap is worn;
  • Goggles optional.

How do I sign in/out?

  • Report to the reception area where a member of our camp staff will greet you;
  • Swimming instructors will take an attendance register at the beginning of every class;
  • If you will be dropping off / collecting your child out with these time slots, please arrive at the reception and inform a member of staff. They will contact the camp coaches and organise. Alternatively, let us know prior to booking.

What happens if my child is ill?

  • During class – If your child becomes ill during the class, we will contact you using the details on the camp registration form. Staff will discuss the best solution with you and action.
  • Before class – If your child is sick from a virus within 24hrs of the class, we kindly ask that they do not attend the class that day. This is to minimise the risk of spreading any viral or flu symptoms to other kids or staff. We do not offer refunds to children that do not attend due to illness.

What happens if there are any behavioural issues?

  • If a child is misbehaving, the teacher will deal with it accordingly. If they cannot deal with it then a coordinator will speak with the parent directly regarding any behavioural issues.

What does a typical class session look like?

  • The schedule of the lessons would vary per pool, level, and standard of the children in the class.
  • You can find the aims and objectives of each class level here.