The City of Aberdeen Bowling Tournament is a long-established, treasured event within the city entering is 64th year of running. The tournament is hosted at the Westburn Outdoor Centre bowling greens and welcomes competitors from across the city and further afield for the week long event.

The City of Aberdeen Bowling Tournament is open to men, women, seniors and juniors, with several different categories, including mixed and junior pairs.

The tournament would not be possible without the dedicated support and input from the Committee, who return each year to help organise and run the event. We are always looking for new input from passionate bowlers who would like to be involved in the tournament, so please get in touch with our events team if you are interested in joining the Committee.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: Sport Aberdeen on 0845 601 3611

Bowls Scotland – National Ranking System

In 2015 Bowls Scotland introduced a new National Ranking System, the City of Aberdeen Bowling Tournament is a Bowls Scotland Tier 3 Ranked Competition.

Player ranking points are updated throughout the season and uploaded to the Bowls Scotland website here.

City of Aberdeen Bowling Tournament Conditions Read more
  1. All games to be played under the current Laws of the Sport of Bowls. 
  2. Regulation dress to be worn at all session - Shoe slips may be worn.
  3. Bowling stamping. On Composition Bowls any stamps date or style is acceptable as long as clearly legible. Wooden Bowls must bear a clearly legible stamp of 11 or later.
  4. Ten minutes only beyond scheduled starting time allowed for appearance on green to avoid disqualification.
  5. Players should provide their own markers for single ties.
  6. In the event of inclement weather, play may be transferred to Aberdeen Indoor Bowling Club, Summerhill Road where regulation dress must be worn by competitors. 
  7. In the event of a pairs match being abandoned due to adverse weather conditions, a minimum of 11 completed ends will constitute a game.
  8. No substitutes allowed in single games. 
  9. No player for the evening section of the men's singles can compete in the pairs competitions. 
  10. In pairs, the Committee may agree substitute of one player. Any player entered and or defeated in a pairs cannot be a substitute for the same event. 
  11. Competitors are allowed two trial ends with two bowls in all matches. 
  12. A Committee member will be in charge of each green and will act as umpire and whose decision will be final.
  13. Committee members will decide whether a green is playable and will have power to postpone play or transfer to another venue. Players should be prepared to play outwith the advertised programme and locations at all times of the tournament.
  14. Official scorecards must be signed and returned immediately after each game.
  15. Any point not covered in these conditions or in the Laws of Sport of Bowls will be decided by the Committee. 
  16. The Committee reserve the right to make any changes to the published programme as seen necessary to correct inadvertent omissions and errors.