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The 2019 Golden Games Programme is now available.

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The Active Aberdeen Partnership is a strategic, dynamic, flexible and progressive body; comprising of ten organisations focused on making Aberdeen the most active city in Scotland.

Role: To provide leadership and a step change in the sporting ambition and aspiration within the City of Aberdeen by harnessing all the key stakeholders in a cohesive strategic partnership.

Aim: Promote the Active Aberdeen Partnership as a strategic, dynamic, flexible and progressive body, capable of supporting and influencing partners to improve the quality of life for people of all ages within Aberdeen through sport and physical activity.


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The AAP want to 'Activate the City' and encourage the people of Aberdeen to pledge that they will be more active more often. If you have a free pass please click on the logos above to go to each partner website for more information on facilities available and contact details.   

Active Aberdeen Strategies

The Strategy for an Active Aberdeen

Sports Facilities Strategy

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