65+ man playing sport

Our Get active memberships now cover all age groups, requirements abilities with our new Active Lifestyles 65+ membership option.

Be part of the Active Lifestyles 65+ community with access to a wide range of appropriate classes and activities, designed by experts, for your individual needs - all for just £15 per month!

For more information please email our Active Lifestyles team: [email protected]

To sign up please visit us in one of our many venues.

What are the benefits?

Joining our Active Lifestyles community will enable you to stay socially connected and active, supporting and improving your wellbeing. With access to specialist Active Lifestyles classes and activities plus Sport Aberdeen’s six swimming pools, nine gyms, and 100+ group exercise classes there is something for everyone of every age.

What’s Included:

Inclusive access to Active Lifestyles classes and activities

Inclusive access to public swim sessions

Inclusive access to fitness classes

Inclusive access to fitness studios

Inclusive access to the Beach Leisure Centre Health Suite

7-Day book ahead privileges at all Sport Aberdeen venues for all bookable activities

Find the full list of benefits and eligibility requirements for our Active Lifestyles 65+ membership here 

For full terms & conditions for our Active Lifestyles 65+ membership, please click here