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The ASN curling festival is ran by Aberdeen City Active Schools in partnership with Curl Aberdeen, Grampian Disability Sport and Aberdeenshire Active Schools. The festival is designed to give the children experience in curling through fun games on the ice, in a safe and supported environment. Below you will see details on the festival along with a breakdown of the games that will be provided. 

Date:                     22nd March 2019

Venue:                   Curl Aberdeen

Time:                     10am-12noon (Secondary)

                             12noon-2pm (Primary)

Closing Date:          Wednesday 13th March 2016


Further Information:

  • Teams of 4 children
  • Maximum of 12 teams (48 kids on ice)

Curling Station Information

Station 1 – Closest to the middle

Each team gets 4 stones to get it closest to the middle of the house. Each team’s stones are removed following all 4 stones. Each circle is a different number of points, these will give a team score at the end of all 4 stones.


Station 2 – Knock-out

Each team must knock the opposite colour of stones out of the house using only 4 stones. 1 point will be awarded for each stone knocked out. 1 point will be awarded for every additional stone left still to throw once all opposite stones have been knocked out.


Station 3 – Knock-in

Each team must knock the opposite colour of stones into the house using 4 stones. Scoring will be the same as station 1.


Station 4 – Skittles

Similar to bowling each player gets 1 stone to knock down as many cones as possible. 1 point will be awarded for each cone knocked down.


Station 5 – Dodge-ems

Similar to station 1, each team has 4 stones to get closest to the middle of the house, however this time there are guards in the way that they must avoid or knock out of the way.


Station 6 – Curling Game

This station will be a full game with each team having 4 stones each to get as close to the house as possible. Stones will only be removed if the touch the sides, go past the house or after all stones have been delivered and the game is over. Points will be awarded for each stone that is closest to the centre.