Practical Delivery During COVID

Practical Delivery During COVID

Due to the current pandemic, Active Schools understand that many young people have limited opportunities to participate in regular sport and physical activity. Active Schools want to enhance these opportunities by supporting schools and young people with practical delivery during both curricular and extra-curricular time.

Curricular Delivery

Curricular delivery will be targeted work, delivered by a member of Active Schools staff and focuses on small groups and/or individuals. As an alternative timetable, sport and physical activity is a successful tool to enhance physical literacy, increase confidence and develop transferable skills. All of which is known to improve overall physical and mental well-being.

We have a range of staff that can deliver in your school during this time:
Active Schools Coordinators

This is a very limited, short-term support for approximately four weeks with a maximum of three days per week. This is due to the number of schools our Active Schools Coordinators will try to support during this time.

What can they deliver?

  • Targeted support activity sessions
  • Support in delivering PE alongside class teachers
  • Leadership courses
    ‘I can lead’ for secondary
    ‘playground leaders’ for primary
  • Bikeability for classes or bubbles
Project Activators – SPACE

Our excellent team of Project Activators that deliver the SPACE (Supported Physical Activity for Care Experienced) are available to create a bespoke package of support through our partnership with ACC.

This is medium to long term support from 1-2-1 session or small group activities for a very specific group of young people.


Referrals via Virtual School Wider Achievement Programme.

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Active Schools Assistants/Dedicated Staff

A bespoke package of supported physical activity sessions delivered by qualified coaches, either onsite or within the community.

This aims to increase health & wellbeing, confidence, resilience and other transferable skills for children within target groups. This also comes at a cost of the coaches’ hourly rate and can be developed to fit any programme outcomes. The length of support is only dependant on funding.

Extra-Curricular Delivery

Extra-Curricular opportunities are a key focus for Active Schools and continue to be during the pandemic. We understand opportunities for young people are limited and Active Schools aims to increase opportunities and tackle the challenges young people are facing as a result of the pandemic. Active Schools have developed ‘Reconnect’ sessions to encourage young people to get back into leading healthy and active lifestyles.

Due to current restrictions at this time we are only able to utilise school staff as volunteers to deliver extra-curricular sessions. Parents, senior pupils, students and coaches wishing to volunteer please check out our volunteer page.

For more information on reinduction and reactivation of Active Schools extra-curricular sessions please see the link below.

Reconnect Sessions Information

Please find more details on our Reconnect sessions below:


Opportunity to re-engage with physical activity to benefit social and mental well-being.

Type of Sessions

Warm Up Games, Better Mover, Better Thinkers, Junior Jog and Circuits.


School staff only at this stage (delivered in appropriate bubbles).

Session Venue

Outdoor facilities only.

Session Layout

30-minute sessions running in 4-week blocks.

Delivery Dates

November – December (4-week block)

Delivery Time

Before school, lunchtime or after-school (at school discretion).


Admin and booking managed through Active Schools in agreement with the school. This must be completed three days in advance of the first session.

Who we work with:

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