Tailored solutions for employee health and well-being.

A healthy workforce is an effective workforce. Improving the health of employees will not only improve concentration & motivation, but it will also have many wider-reaching benefits to their physical & mental health and well being.

As an employer enabling this to happen, you will benefit from a healthier workforce, which will have a positive impact on sickness absence, improve morale as well as reduce accidents and incidents in the workplace.

By developing your staff and encouraging healthy lifestyles these benefits will lead to increased productivity and output.

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How can your organisation get involved? 

Our Active workforce options range from a basic ‘corporate style membership’ to a bespoke service that is built around your company and employees needs.

The bespoke Active Workforce opportunity is unique in Aberdeen and assists organisations, like yours, with a holistic approach within your organisation, regardless of scale and complexity. Providing access to health and nutrition advice, fitness programmes, gym access, classes in your venue and much more.

You will be working with a charitable organisation that invests back into Aberdeen through our vision to ‘Create opportunities, inspire people and change lives through sport and physical activity’.

To discuss your Active Workforce and what we can do for you email [email protected] or call 01224 047927

Feeling stressed?

Book a Stress Seminar with our expert Active Workforce team this to learn how a happy workforce is integral to maintaining a productive workforce.

We will look at what mindfulness is; the benefits of being mindful, how this can help with mental health and how best to put this into practice. You will also learn why exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress, how the body and brain react to physical activity.

Participation of De-stress exercise is optional on these seminars and all exercise options will be demonstrated by our Health & Wellness advisor.

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For further information, or to register interest in any of our stress seminars please contact [email protected]

Active Workforce Health Seminars 2019

Health Seminars – our qualified Health And Wellness Instructors can host seminars on topics such as posture, stress management mindfulness and healthy eating. 

Healthy Eating Seminar This seminar will cover the key nutrients to lead a healthy lifestyle and tips to improve nutrition. We will go over the main food sources, calculating your BMR & nutrition for exercise.
Move More Seminar This seminar will cover the physical activity guidelines, physical and mental benefits of physical activity and the effects of sedentary behaviours and modern-day distractions.
Mindfulness Seminar This seminar will give your staff more tools to be more present and become more relaxed during stressful times in the day. We will look at what mindfulness is, the benefits of being mindful, mindfulness helping with mental health and mindfulness practices.
Exercise as a Stress Buster Seminar This seminar will look at why exercise is one of the best ways to combat stress, how the body and brain react to exercise and some exercise options. De-stress exercises will be demonstrated, and staff can take part if they wish.
Hydration Seminar This seminar covers why is hydration important, hydration guidelines, de-hydration signs and the effects on the brain, hydration for exercise, sports drinks, caffeine in drinks, sugary drinks and tips to improve your hydration.