Once payment has been made for swimming lessons, refunds or credits will only be considered under exceptional circumstances: for example, where a pupil suffers a substantial period of illness or hospitalisation that can be supported by medical evidence.  In such cases, all credits due will be offered as a discount on the next set of course fees.

Requests must be made in writing to the Swimming Lesson Coordinator who will consider each case based upon its individual merits. Letters should provide a detailed explanation of the circumstances surrounding the pupil's inability to attend lessons and must be accompanied by medical evidence wherever possible.

Cancellation of classes

In the unfortunate event of classes being cancelled, the lesson block will be extended by an additional week for those on top ups.  For those with a Learn to Swim Membership, quarterly check on closures will be done and any with more than one cancellation per quarter will be refunded accordingly from their next Direct Debit payment.

Classes may be cancelled at short notice for a number of reasons;

  • Maintenance problem at pool
  • Child being sick in pool
  • Teacher off ill at short notice
  • Severe weather

In the event of the above it is essential that we have a contact telephone number and email address in order to advise you of the closure. As soon as we have been notified that a class or classes require to be cancelled, our Administration Team will attempt to contact everyone by text messaging service or telephone. 

If the closure has resulted in the cancellation of classes where we have not had time to alert people, prior to travelling, we can only apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Staff at the venue will make every effort to telephone you as soon as possible, however, this may be too late. Staff will remain at the venue in order to telephone all classes and posters will be placed on any outside doors informing you of the closure.

It is very important that you take your child/ren to the pool itself and not drop them off as this may lead to children being left outside the building unaccompanied.

If a class has been cancelled in advance, notice will be given via email.

In the event of the classes being cancelled due to severe snow storms please check the following;

  • Contact the Administration Team 01224 047934, if engaged listen to recorded message
  • Contact the Aquatics Coordinator
  • Contact the pool (if appropriate), some school pools do not have public telephones
  • Notice on the swimming pool door
  • Check our Facebook page

Swimming Pools are venues where unexpected closures can happen and your co-operation in the event of a cancellation is very much appreciated.