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Information about how we manage the human, physical and information resources of the authority.

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Human Resources – Current Policies




Access to Personal Files Policy

Outlines the policy for staff access to personal files.

  Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref: 2.28

Alcohol Drugs & Substance Abuse Policy

Outlines support provided to staff if they have issues with alcohol, drug and substance abuse.

 Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf-- ref 2.17

Attendance Management Policy

Explains the procedures and guidelines to assist managers and employees during absence from work due to illness.

 Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf-- ref 2.3

Career Break Policy

Outlines the policy for employees to take a break from paid employment, which could be to deal with personal responsibilities or for other personal reasons.

Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.22

Data Protection Policy

This policy details how personal information about employees and customers will be kept and processed by Sport Aberdeen. It follows the principles of the Data Protection Act and subsequent Codes as published by the UK Information Commissioner.

Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.19

Disciplinary Policy

Outlines the Disciplinary procedures to help and encourage all employees to improve, achieve and maintain required standards of conduct whilst ensuring that all employees are treated fairly, consistently, and without discrimination.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.1

Disclosure Handling Policy

Outlines the process for the correct handling, holding and destroying Disclosure information, provided by Disclosure Scotland under Part V of the Police Act 1997, for the purposes of assessing applicants’ suitability for positions of trust.  Sport Aberdeen alsocomplies fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 and other relevant legislation pertaining to the safe handling, use, storage, retention and disposal of Disclosure information.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.23


Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy aims to prevent all forms of discrimination in the provision of services and employment of people, particularly on the grounds of sex, marital status, disability, race, colour, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, ethnic origin, political belief, trade union activity, responsibility for dependants, employment status, age, culture or language.

Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf ref 2.5

Extreme Weather Policy

This policy aims to ensure that fair treatment is applied as far as possible when extreme weather conditions affect people’s ability to work their contracted hours.




Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 1.11


Flexible Working

This policy explains the different types of working arrangements that are in place in Sport Aberdeen and sets out the framework to use for requests to work flexibly.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.15

Further & Higher Education Support Policy

The purpose of the policy is to ensure that employees requesting support to undertake further and higher education qualifications are aware of the application process and that they understand the criteria for approval of support.

Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.24


 - refHospitality Policy

This policy details the standards required by Sport Aberdeen where employees are offered hospitality, goods or other benefits through the performance of their duties.


HR Strategy

Sport Aberdeen Human Resources strategy.


Information Communication & Technology Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that employees of Sport Aberdeen understand the way in which Information Technology, including Electronic mail (email), the Internet and Computer equipment should be used in the organisation. It aims to ensure that IT is used effectively for its intended purpose without infringing legal requirements or creating unnecessary business risk.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf  ref 1.9 

Job Evaluation Policy

The purpose of our Job Evaluation policy is to explain the process of job evaluation.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.30

Long Service Awards Policy

This policy outlines the criteria for long service and the steps that managers should take to implement the long service award for eligible employees.

Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.31 

Managing Smoking Policy

This policy ensures that Sport Aberdeen complies with “The Smoking, Health and Social Care (Scotland) Act 2005” and “The Prohibition of Smoking in Certain Premises (Scotland) Regulations 2006”





Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 1.7


Mobile Phone Policy

This policy clarifies the responsibilities of employees and Sport Aberdeen in managing the use of “insert organisation’s name” mobile communication devices. 






Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 1.12


Parental Leave Policy

This policy outlines the entitlements of employees in relation to maternity, adoption and paternity leave and pay. It also details the rights of employees with children to take parental leave and the ability for them to request flexible working patterns

Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.13

Pension Regulations Policy

Policy Statement Regarding Local Government Pension Scheme (Administration) (Scotland) Regulations 2008

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Recruitment & Selection Policy

The aims of the policy are to promote equality of employment opportunities and the elimination of discrimination in employment. 


Redundancy Policy

Outlines the process of dismissal of employees through redundancy.

Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.25

Relocation Policy

This policy covers employee entitlements to reimbursement toward expenses incurred in moving house to take up a new post with “insert your origination’s name”.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.32

Resolution of Difference Policy

Outlines the procedures for resolving a difference between staff.





Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.9


Retirement Policy

Explains policy on retirement.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.26

Special Leave of Absence Policy

Outlines how Sport Aberdeen supports reasonable requests for time off to deal with unexpected situations that arise and may necessitate short periods of leave that can be accommodated within the needs of the service.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.22

Stress Policy

This policy explains the action we are taking as an employer with regard to stress related problems in the workplace.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.33

Threats or Violence Policy

This policy covers the threat of, or actual, violence towards employees by other employees and people visiting venues such as contractors and customers.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.34    

Time Off for Union Duties & Activities Policy

Details guidelines on the granting of time off for trade union duties and activities, and on the provision of facilities to assist officials in the exerciseof their functions.


Training & Development Policy

Details how Sport Aberdeen aims to develop and improve the competency and efficiency of all staff both as members of teams and as individuals to enable the maximum delivery of service to our customers.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.24

Travel & Expenses Policy

Details how Sport Aberdeen will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred by employees while on authorised business.


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.35

Volunteering Policy

Details Sport Aberdeen’s policy on engaging volunteers, and how to become a volunteer.

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Whistleblowing Policy

Provides guidance to employees on the action to take in disclosing a serious wrongdoing such as fraud or dangerous practices at Sport Aberdeen.





Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.20


Working Time Policy

Sets out the detail from the Working Time Directive that anyone arranging working patterns needs to be aware of.

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Poor Performance Policy




Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.2


Sickness Absence Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 1.3 & 2.3

Grievance Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.4

Harrassment Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.6

Equal Pay Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.5

Dignity at Work Policy



Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.8

Maternity Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.10

Paternity Leave Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.11

Adoption Leave Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.12

HeBereavement Policy


Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 2.18

BerAnti Bribery Statement


  Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf - ref 2.21

Employee Handbook



Information Resources



Records Management Policy

Outlines our policy on record management.


Retention Schedule

Sport Aberdeen / Scottish Archives Records Retention Policy

Details what documents we keep for how long and by whom.


ICT strategy/policy

Details of our policy for managing ICT.



Employee_Handbook_-_Sep_2017.pdf- ref 1.9


Health & Safety



Health & Safety Policy and procedures 

Health and safety policies and procedures for Sport Aberdeen.


Risk Assessments

Details of risk assessment carried out for Sport Aberdeen venues.

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Accident Statistics

Statistical detail of accidents and incidents at venues in Sport Aberdeen.

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Normal Operating Procedures

Normal Operating procedures for Sport Aberdeen’s venues.

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Emergency Action Plans

Emergency Action Plans for Sport Aberdeen’s venues.

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Physical Resources



Pool Water Management

Details of our policies and procedures for pool water management. 

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Employee Relations



Agreement with Trade Unions

Details agreements with Trade Unions