Sport Aberdeen is committed to creating opportunities, inspiring people and changing lives through sport and physical activity.

Under Creating Opportunities, the company strives to ensure that there are affordable, quality facilities and services that are also accessible to as wide a population as possible. Sport Aberdeen also utilises customer feedback, information on industry trends and partnership working within the City to continually develop programmes and services in emerging sports and activities that allow more people to get more active.

Programme: Active Girls Committee

The Active Girls Committee is a pioneering Aberdeen initiative, empowering young girls to increase participation in sport.

The committee is comprised of 15 pupils from nine different schools in Aberdeen is one of the first of its kind in Scotland. The initiative has been facilitated by Active Schools Aberdeen, part of registered charity Sport Aberdeen.

The girls have pledged to work together to get more girls active across city, and signed the Book of Agreement which they created for the Committee to follow in this pursuit.

Figures reported by Active Schools both nationally and locally in Aberdeen have shown that the level of girls’ participation in extracurricular sport tends to drop over the course of their time at secondary school.   


Case Study -  93-year old Sport Aberdeen regular reveals secret to a long, healthy and active life

A Torry Sports Centre regular thought to be one of Sport Aberdeen’s oldest participants has offered up her secrets to a long, healthy and active life.

93-year old Georgina has attended Easy Movers exercise classes weekly for the last three years and attributes this, alongside an active lifestyle, to a long and healthy life.

The Easy Movers class is run through registered charity Sport Aberdeen as part of the Active Ageing programme. The sessions are designed to be suitable for a wide range of abilities, including seated and standing elements.

Granite city resident Georgina said:

“I have always been an active lady throughout my day to day life. The secret to keeping healthy and active is to keep those legs moving, I love it.

“Get up and do it now! Get out one day a week, or two if you can, and get active. Don’t sit in front of the TV all day, go to a fitness class and I am sure you will enjoy it.”

Easy Movers fitness instructor Iwona Jakubiec added:

“I have been taking the class for 5 years now and it is amazing to see how it really benefits people and changes lives.

“We cover everything from weights, lunges and squats, it’s a full body workout, age is not an excuse!”

Speaking on behalf of Sport Aberdeen, Director for Sport and Active Lifestyles Jo Bell said:

“Georgina’s pearls of wisdom are an inspiration to us all. Sport Aberdeen is committed to ensuring everyone has the opportunity to take part in sport and physical activity, and our Active Ageing programmes are extremely popular. It’s not just about keeping active, but about having fun and socialising.”