Depending on the size of your grant, you will receive the funds in either a single or two stage payment.  

We’ll normally pay a proportion of the costs you have incurred. This will be based on your agreed costs. Your grant-notification confirmation will confirm the percentage of costs we will pay towards.

You must keep proper up-to-date accounts and records. We have to account for how public money is spent, so we may ask for invoices depending on the size of your grant.

In order for us to process your award, you must review the terms and conditions and complete the grant acceptance form and return it. Downloadable forms are available below.

Community Sport

Grant Acceptance Form (Word Doc)

Coach, Official and Volunteer

Grant Acceptance Form (Word Doc)

Talented Athletes

Grant Acceptance Form (Word Doc)


We monitor all the projects and individuals we fund to make sure they are meeting our terms and conditions and achieving what we have agreed together.

One of the ways we do this is by asking you to complete monitoring forms to tell us about how you are getting on.

Please click on the box related to the grant that you were awarded to complete the report.

Talented Athlete 

To submit your progress report or final report please click here 

Coaches, Officials & Talented Athletes

To submit your progress report or final report please click here

Community Sport 

To submit your progress report click here 

To submit your final report please click here

We are available to respond to any questions you may have by calling us on 01224 047922 during our normal office hours (Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm) or email [email protected] 


One of the requirements in the terms and conditions of your grant is that you publicly acknowledge your funding from the Active Aberdeen Partnership, no matter how much you have received as an individual or project.  

To support you we have produced some guidelines with clear instructions on how to use the Active Aberdeen partnership logo correctly and some suggested ideas for its use. 

Through your use of this logo we can let people know where our funding is going within Aberdeen and the impact that it is having. When writing these guidelines, we have tried to be flexible enough to suit the large range of projects and individuals that receive funding from us.

Please download a copy of the guidelines here:

AAP Brand Guidelines

AAP Large Logo with Supporting Statement

AAP Large Logo

AAP Small Logo with Supporting Statement

AAP Small Logo