We have found our 10 challengers to be part of our #naeexcuses team to run in the BHGE 10k Running Festival. 

Find out more about our team and why they have chosen to challenge themselves and take part in this year's race below. 

Amey Slater 
Amey Slater from #naeexcuses team
Amey was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2012 meaning her whole lifestyle has been altered since then. Since then she has made exercise a regular thing especially group exercise classes. She ran her first 10k last year and hopes the BHGE 10k will allow her to raise money towards Epilepsy Research UK. 

Darren Gibb
 Darren Gibb from #naeexcuses team
Darren has managed to lose an astounding 6 1/2 stone over two years. Back in November he was looking for something to give him a final push to lose the remainder of his target weight so began running. Darren has openly said he didn't think running was for him but after joining a Jog Scotland Group he has found this has managed to get his ability and motivation up. He hopes the 10k will be the perfect goal to keep his motivation and training up.

Natasha Martens
 Natasha Martens from the #naeexcuses team
Natasha is a mum and has a 3 year old and 6 month old so sometimes finds making time for herself a struggle. She returns to full-time work in June and would love to make the most of her time until then to get fit and strong for herself and her family. She has wanted to take part in the race for the last five year's and has always found a reason not to sign up. By being part of the team she hopes this will provide her with the motivation and support she is looking for. 

Mostafa Soleimani 
 Mostafa Soleimani from #naeexcuses team
Mostafa classes himself as a 'sport-addict' spending 2-3 hours a day keeping fit and taking part in his favourite sports. He has taken part in the BHGE 10k before but would like to use this year to raise as much money as possible for charity, beat his PB, prepare for longer races and of course have fun! 

Olivia Jex
 Olivia Jex from #naeexcuses team
Olivia is currently 14 months in recovery from stage 3 cancer. She has been trying to stay fit, positive and motivated and has ran on and off for 10 years. She is determined and hopes by taking part in the 10k she will get a sub 50 time which will make a new PB! 

Grant Wilson 
Grant is a coach for the Grampian Flyers wheelchair basketball team. He hopes by taking [art in the 10k wheelchair race he will raise money for the team to provide new wheelchairs. 

Hannah Crawford 
Hannah is a first time runner so has never ran a race before. 

Charlotte Donaldson-Rolle
 Charlotte from #naeexcuses team
Charlotte is an employee of BHGE and after three years of volunteering at the 10K, Charlotte has decided/been told it’s her turn to cross the finish line instead of holding the finish line tape. Charlotte has admitted this is a scary thought as she has admitted she is not a runner. She never thought she would ever be at the starting line never mind trying to cross the finish line! She agreed because she thought they said rum…not run! Rest assured she has been promised rum after the finish line!