Health & Safety around Swimming Pools

It is extremely important that parents and children are aware of the dangers that occur out of the water, as well as in the water, around the swimming pools, and we ask that you take extra care. Always ensure that your outdoor shoes are covered while on poolside. The pool area is a very clean environment and dirt and germs from shoes can make it dangerous for the swimmer.

Supervision of Children

Parents of children under the age of 8 years old must remain at the pool while lessons are taking place, and supervise the child both before and after the lessons.

All children should be accompanied into the facility to confirm that lessons are going ahead before leaving.  Although rare, last minute problems can occur within a swimming pool which cannot always be communicated beforehand.


If your child has an infection of the foot, i.e. Athletes Foot or a verruca, please ensure that the area is covered as these infections are easily transmitted to others and are almost always picked up at swimming pools.

Long Hair

Long hair can be a danger if swimming underwater close to the sides of the pool and it is advised for all children to tie long hear back or wear a swimming cap. The cap is not only safer but will enable the child to be less distracted by not shaking hair from the face and, ultimately, will be able to concentrate on the lesson fully.


Ill-fitting goggles can also be dangerous.  As the child is constantly adjusting them, they can be 'pinged' back into the eyes and cause injury.  Goggles can also be far too big for a small child and will purely be a distraction. If goggles are required, please ensure that you take time prior to the lesson to fit them properly.

Walk on Poolside

Always advise your child to walk while on the poolside and never run. Pool areas can be very slippery and very hard!

Safe Entry

Safe entry into the pool is very important as your child's teacher will emphasise, therefore unless told otherwise a safe sitting entry is advised. From time to time various pool toys will be used for games and retrieving from the bottom of the pool. Some of these objects are hard and slightly weighted and therefore on no account must these be thrown at another person either in the pool or out.

Keep pool area clear of obstacles

All pool areas must be kept free from obstacles for health and safety reasons and we would appreciate parents' vigilance in this area. Should you notice an item which should be locked away or piece of emergency equipment which requires repair please do not hesitate to bring this to the attention of the swimming teacher.


All jewellery must be removed before coming to swimming lessons. Teachers are not responsible for personal belongings and parents should ensure that their child does not bring any items of value to the poolside.

The staff will ensure that everything possible is done to maintain a safe swimming environment for your children.


Parents, relatives or friends of the swimmer are permitted to spectate at a number of Sport Aberdeen pools.

The following pools have spectator facilities:

  • Bridge of Don
  • Cults
  • Northfield
  • Beach Leisure Centre
  • Tullos
  • Bucksburn

However, should a spectator be distracting the swimmer and/or a smaller brother/sister is causing distraction, then the adult, or adult and child, will be asked to leave the pool area.

Please note that children under the age of eight must be supervised on poolside at all times.

Where a seating area is available, it is very beneficial to watch your child's lesson as you will have the opportunity to see the skills being taught in the lesson and can, therefore, practice with the child in a family session.  This additional time in the water is vital to the progress of the child.

The following pools are not suitable for spectating:

  • Dyce Primary
  • Dyce Academy
  • Orchard Brae
  • Aberdeen Grammar

Video & Photographic Policy 

The use of cameras and electronic devices are prohibited in pool spectating areas.

The application forms have a section which parents/guardians complete regarding promotional photographs during the lessons and therefore additional forms will not be required to be signed at a later date. Information will be kept on record regarding parents/guardians wishes.