Join us on Sunday May 20th and support Aberdeen's longest running not-for-profit road race. 

The Running Festival hosts a 10k and a 2k route for wheelchair participants to take part in.

The 10k Wheelchair Race follows the same route as the 10k race and sets off at 9.25 am from the Beach Boulevard. This race is open for anyone over the age of 16 to part in and is the perfect flat course for challenging yourself and setting your next PB.

The 2k Wheelchair Race follows the same route as the Active Schools 2k race and sets off at 9am from the Beach Esplanade outside the Beach Leisure Centre. This route is open to all ages and is a great starting point for participants before taking on the 10k route.

Wheelchair helpers/escorts need to apply with the wheelchair entrant but do not need to pay - please contact the events team for more information.

No motorised wheelchairs will be allowed entry in the race.

Wheelchair prizes are only available to competitors who complete the race unaided.

If you require further information please contact [email protected].

You can view the 10k race map here and the 2k race map here.