Junior Tennis

Suitable for secondary school players aged 11–17 years.

It is often referred to as ‘yellow’ tennis because the tennis balls are yellow.

At this stage, children are now playing on a full-size court with the balls the professionals use. Children will continue to explore different game styles and start to find their own. The fundamental technique is reinforced and point tactics are learnt using game-based methods. They will evolve through well-rounded motor skills development whilst improving their physical capacities. We encourage our players to learn through competition and take part in our in-house and external tournaments. By this stage, children will be tennis fans for life!

Cost: £33.00 per month payable by direct debit.

We are committed to making sport and physical activity accessible to everyone. Our ‘Get active for Less’ discounted access scheme offers a range of pay and play and membership discounts to those who meet the eligibility criteria. Find out more here.