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Aberdeen to host first European masterclass helping to expel back pain for good


A programme designed to help people rid themselves of back pain will be delivered by a master instructor for the first time in Europe this weekend, in an Aberdeen Sports Centre.

The Foundation Training Masterclass, which will take place on Sunday 29th October at Sport Aberdeen’s Beacon Sports Centre, will be delivered by renowned Californian instructor Gail DeSart.

DeSart, who is one of only six master instructors worldwide, will be sharing her knowledge of this revolutionary programme of exercises designed to pull us out of destructive postures and movement patterns that we have adapted into due to our heavily seated, modern lifestyles.

Beacon Centre, in Bucksburn, will host the first European masterclass after the successful exposure of Foundation Training across the North-East by the work of Mora McGovern, from Westhill.

Mora McGovern, Certified Foundation Training Instructor, said:

“I’m very excited to host Gail here in my home town. She was one of my instructors during my training in New York and inspired me greatly to spread the word here in the North-East and help as many people as I can eliminate back pain without heavy handed medical intervention.

“Everyone, these days, suffers from some kind of back, shoulder, neck, hip or knee pain and Foundation Training offers a natural, systematic solution that not only eliminates pain but allows you to take control of your long-term health and wellness.”

Foundation Training, created by American chiropractor Dr. Eric Goodman, is a revolutionary answer to back pain prevention and cure.

The programme works around a series of body-weight exercises that improve posture and teach correct movement patterns to keep the body strong and pain free.

Gail DeSart, Master Foundation Training Instructor, also commented:

“I’m very excited to be coming to Scotland, and Aberdeen specifically. Mora has done a lot of great work here already and I’m delighted to be able to support her and share Foundation Training with this community.  We are also very pleased to have two new instructors, currently in training, who will be teaching here and working closely alongside Mora in the next few months.”

Foundation Training classes and one-to-one sessions take place across the North East. For more information please contact Mora McGovern on