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Aberdeen’s longest running road race teams up with Granite City Guide Running


Organisers of the North East’s longest running road race are encouraging participants to take on a new challenge this year while helping to support visually impaired runners.

Sport Aberdeen and BHGE have teamed up with Granite City Guide Running for 2018’s BHGE 10k Running Festival and are urging budding runners to step up to the challenge by entering the race this year by either guiding or being guided.

Guide running allows people with a sensory impairment to take part in the sport by ‘guiding’ someone throughout the duration of the race.

Registered charity, Sport Aberdeen, in partnership with Granite City Guide Running, will be hosting two taster sessions, giving people the opportunity to learn how to become a guide runner.

The sessions are free to attend and will give participants the opportunity to see what it is like to be a guide runner but also what it’s like to be guided.

The sessions will take place:

Jill Franks, Sport Aberdeen’s Director of Business Development, said:

“We are thrilled to be working with Granite City Guide Running, creating more opportunities for people of all abilities to take part in a sporting event at the heart of the community.

“On behalf of the race organisers I’d like to thank Ben from Granite City Guide Running for teaming up with us this year.

“I would urge anyone who has not already entered the BHGE 10k to sign up as a guide runner. Not only is this a great challenge but it raises awareness of a brilliant cause and is such a simple step towards helping people with a sensory impairment take part in the North East’s longest running road race”

Ben Mair, Granit City Guide Runnings, said:

“Granite City Guide Running is delighted to be working with the team at Sport Aberdeen to increase awareness of Sensory Impairment, as well as the need for running-guides in the North East of Scotland. I’m hoping anyone who comes along to the sessions will get a real insight into what it’s like to run either as a guide or being guided, and be encouraged to try it out for themselves as a fantastic challenge at the BHGE 10K!”

Register your interest for the taster sessions here.