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Cancer Patient Praises Move More Program


A local pensioner has urged the public to be more active and Move More in the face of cancer diagnosis.


Steve Stephenson, a regular attendee of Macmillan Cancer Support and Sport Aberdeen’s  activity groups, encouraged everyone affected by cancer to learn from his experience as he continues his recovery by remaining positive and active.


A skiing enthusiast, Steve was forced to undergo knee surgery a number of years ago. At this time, routine examinations highlighted a major concern, resulting in a prostate cancer diagnosis. The 80 year old concluded his radiotherapy in February 2015.

However in a routine check-up his doctor would identify another issue Steve had to contend with, one he was not even aware of. After finding it difficult to stay motivated and active in light of his health issues he was diagnosed with depression.


Steve’s doctor recommended Move More Aberdeen groups where he would attend 12 sessions of Gentle Movement, a slow paced exercise focusing on breathing, movement and relaxation. He would then also attend 12 sessions of Circuit Classes, offering a variety of simple exercises to build on fitness.

Despite his mobility difficulties, depression and chronic asthma, Steve felt the mental and physical benefits of these at an early stage and was keen to build on his success. Now attending Sport Aberdeen’s Live Well Classes at Cults Sports Complex, Steve wants to highlight the progress he has made as inspiration to others in a similar position.


“When the doctor told me I was depressed I was surprised, I didn’t even realise it. He recommended the Move More Aberdeen Program and it worked wonders for me. I feel better both physically and mentally. You meet some lovely people and the staff are very supportive and understanding.”

“Given the number of cancer patients in Aberdeen, I would urge people to get involved. They’ve done so much for me and I know they can change people’s lives.”


For more information about the Move More Aberdeen program contact 01224 577729, email or visit the Sport Aberdeen website.