General News:

Christmas packed quite a punch as Sooyang Do hosted their December belt examinations


Almost 400 students from all over the North East paraded their skills before an examination panel which included Master Wood, the founder of Aberdeen born Sooyang Do Martial Art.

Master Wood had travelled to Scotland from France to take part in this end of year extravaganza and was very impressed by the high standard of technical ability and enthusiasm shown by the North-east students.

Commenting on the event, Master Wood said:

“The events of the weekend provided further evidence of the quite phenomenal progress we are making and of the magnificent contribution of our instructors, who continue to inspire our students to ever greater efforts and ever higher technical standards.

With students from as young as five, taking their first steps on their Sooyang Do journey, to those who have trained for over a decade graduating to EE Dan status, I cannot remember a time when I was so proud of everyone involved.

The unique spirit we have successfully sought to maintain continues to prevail, with the pursuit of technical and athletic excellence unhampered by any compromising of our adherence to our tenets of Courtesy, Integrity, Humility and Respect and the rejection of the win at all costs pursuit of personal glory, to the detriment of all else, which has come to denigrate the sporting arena in recent years.

This unique spirit was particularly evident at the event, with experienced and highly skilled student’s always encouraging fellow participants and compelling the spectators and instructors to spontaneous applause.

It is a testament to the professionalism and integrity of our instructors, that so many, young and not so young, continue to put their faith in us and permit us to play a small part in the development of so many young people, all of whom are a great credit to those responsible for them.

I very much look forward to 2017 with great enthusiasm and hope that it is a happy and successful year for all of those concerned with Sooyang Do and hope to see more exciting developments in the near future.”