Healthy Active Minds #selfmanagement


As part of Self Management Week 2016, Sport Aberdeen is showcasing how its programmes and services are creating opportunities, inspiring people and changing lives through sport and physical activity. Today we profile a Healthy, Active Minds participant.

Healthy Active Minds

Participant Case Study April 2016

Participant: James Maitland

Age: 51 years

How long have you been doing sport?

I’ve been involved in activities through Healthy Minds for nearly a year.  It’s really helped me.   I was bored because I was running out of activities so I joined the Active Healthy Minds group last autumn through my councillor at DA and I haven’t looked back.  It’s really enjoyable, you meet nice people and everyone pitches in together to do a different activity every week.  It’s brilliant so you’re not stuck doing the same thing every time.

What kind of activities do you do at Active Healthy Minds sessions?

Walking football – I never knew it existed – so we tried that, badminton, pickleball, weights sessions and even just a hike along to Footdee or ‘Fittie’ if you’re from Aberdeen and even the walk was brilliant!  A host of activities and they have all been great!

What would you say to people who may be more hesitant to join in the group?

Oh give it a try, at least give it a try.   The people are all friendly and we all get on well together.  Everyone is apprehensive when they first start something, as I was.  My friend Allan comes so that helps, but then you get to know the other people and after the activities you have a cup of tea or coffee and a bit of shortbread and a chat with all of the people about how great it was.  It’s amazing, a great group of people.

Have the Active Healthy Minds session encouraged you to join in with other activities?

Yes im now involved in a hiking group each Tuesday and I have joined a gym and my activity level has gone through the roof.  My problem was alcohol and now I have so many activities to do it is gradually getting me off that as I was going downhill but being active has been a godsend for me. 

Do you feel like these activities help to keep you fit and active?

Oh yes, I am far fitter.  I have come down a trouser size already, which is excellent and I would recommend these sessions to anyone.  If you are bored like I was get involved.  I would drink, but now my activity time is full and I’m glad of that, it’s been a huge help to me.  I can’t thank Sport Aberdeen and the Healthy Minds team enough.