General News:

New Live Well classes introduced


The entry level Live Well Classes are to be hosted at Westburn Outdoor Sports Centre with the aim of catering to the needs of those getting back into fitness or those who prefer a more gentle session.


The classes include Live Well Stretch, Live Well Circuits, Healthy Active Minds and Stable & Able. All of the classes incorporate a relaxed approach to building up a sweat whilst avoiding a high heart rate and are particularly suitable for those who are part of health condition specific classes such as the 12 week Macmillan Move More treatment.



The latter two classes are free to attend for a limited period with Stable & Able particularly catering for older adults looking to prevent falls and maintain independence as well as those with a physical disability.


A Sport Aberdeen spokesperson said:

“Fitness and exercise is often associated with high octane workouts but it is important to remember the importance of physical activity to everyone of any ability. The introduction of these classes reflects our desire to provide the community with as many opportunities as possible to remain healthy regardless of circumstances.”


Those interested should contact Westburn Outdoor Sports Centre on 01224 641719.