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Sport Aberdeen announces Community Leisure UK board appointment


The UK’s foremost leisure services operator body, Community Leisure UK, has appointed Alistair Robertson, Managing Director of registered charity Sport Aberdeen, as Vice Chair of its board.

Mr Robertson was appointed to the position of Vice Chair following the company’s annual general meeting, after serving two years as an Executive Director.

Alistair Robertson, Managing Director of Sport Aberdeen said:

“It is a personal honour to be appointed as Vice Chair of the Community Leisure UK board, however it has come about because of our terrific staff who have helped to make Sport Aberdeen a multi award winning community leisure trust that is widely respected across Scotland.

“It is also thanks to a great Board of Directors and our excellent working partnership with Aberdeen City Council, which is the envy of many other local authorities. The role will ensure that I am able to keep the interests of Aberdeen and Scotland at the forefront of our sectors thinking and developments.

“I also look forward to helping shape leisure trust policy and will continue to press the case for the value of having leisure trusts and all the positive work they do in improving the quality of life for some of the most challenged people within our communities.”

Commenting on his recent appointment, Community Leisure UK Chief Executive, Cate Atwater said:

“I am delighted that Alistair has been appointed Vice Chair of our Board. He has extensive experience in the leisure industry which will be invaluable as we face up to challenging times for our sector.

“What has been achieved in Aberdeen has been acknowledged by professional colleagues in England and Scotland alike and his appointment as Vice Chairman reflects the standing in which he is held.”

Community Leisure UK is governed by an Executive Board from within the membership, whose collective experience helps develop its strategy and annual business plan. The board comprises of four National Executive Directors and up to a maximum of eight Executive Directors. All Directors are elected by the members of Community Leisure UK and can serve for a maximum of three, two year terms.