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Sport Aberdeen spreads festive cheer with early Christmas present for Wendy


A proud race-goer who lost a sentimental medal received after completing a North East run 10 years ago has been granted a Christmas wish.

Granite City resident Wendy Arthur has thanked registered charity Sport Aberdeen for gifting her the only medal left over from the BHGE 10k Running Festival 2007 (formerly known as the Baker Hughes 10k Running Festival).

Wendy took on the challenge to raise money for a great cause 10 years ago, saying: “When my uncle passed away in March 2007 from Cancer I wanted to raise money in his memory for CLAN Cancer Support as they do great work in the community.

“The BHGE 10k 2007 was my first ever running event and I was so proud of my medal. It meant so much to me and reminds me why I took part in the race. I raised around £350 and completed the run in 57 minutes and I remember feeling so pleased to get under the hour.

Wendy wrote to Sport Aberdeen earlier this year explaining her situation and the mysterious disappearance and was thrilled to receive an email with the news that the event organiser had found a medal left over from the race 10 years ago.

Jill Franks, Sport Aberdeen’s Director of Business Development, commented:

“It is wonderful to be able to give Wendy the replacement medal. It clearly means a great deal to her and it is great to hear about participants stories from over the years.

“We always see tremendous support for charities, with BHGE 10k Running Festival participants raising tens of thousands of pounds each year for worthy causes. Wendy’s story really highlights that taking part is the most important part of sport and shows what we can achieve through community events.

“I would like to wish Wendy the best of luck for next year’s race and would urge anyone who would like to take on a challenge whilst raising money for fantastic charities to sign up for the BHGE 10k 2018.”

Wendy Arthur added:

“I am thrilled and very thankful to Sport Aberdeen for gifting me the 2007 medal as a replacement, it is a brilliant early Christmas present! The medal is a constant reminder of the fond memories of my uncle, who I ran the race for, and the fantastic charity that I raised money for running my first ever race.

“I have already signed up for the BHGE 10k 2018 and am really looking forward to it. Since taking part 10 years ago I have taken on more races and my medals mean so much to me. It is about training hard and working towards my goal of completing the run whilst also raising money for very deserving causes, of which I have seen the amazing work they carry out first hand.”

For more information on the race and to sign up click here.