Get creative with your home workouts


Today is ‘World Creativity and Innovation Day’. It is celebrated internationally every year and was established by the United Nations to honour the creative and innovative activities of people around the world.

Due to restrictions amid the coronavirus lockdown we are all finding new and innovative ways to stay active and healthy. Now is the perfect time to fire up your problem-solving skills, get your creativity flowing and come up with new ideas around staying active safely in your home.

We are celebrating with a list of innovative and interesting activities for you to try out using common household items, but we would love to know what you have been trying out! Send us a message on Facebook or an email with all the creative ways you’re keeping active!  

Milk Cartons

Milk cartons can turn into brilliant makeshift weights. Fill them with as much liquid as you need and use two whilst doing lunges or step ups. P.S make sure the lids are screwed on properly to avoid a mess!


Chairs can be the perfect assistant to help you do the perfect squats. Start by sitting on a dining room chair with your straight. Slowly stand up straight and lower yourself back down, keeping your back straight at all times. This method is perfect for beginners to perfect your squats.


If you have laminate flooring at home, a rug can be the perfect substitute for a workout mat. You could even use a large bath towel, there are no excuses!


Do you have an old pair of tights at home you don’t wear anymore? Tights can be used as a resistance band so you can really push yourself during your home workout.

Washing baskets/ bags

Full washing baskets and bags can be used as weights. Fill them with clothes to reach your desired weight. This method is also a great excuse not to do the washing!


Soup cans (or any other food cans) are a good option for using as a small hand weight during your lunges or squats. Remember to take care when using heavier objects.


Fill your backpack up with household items – make this as heavy or light as you want – to create the perfect chest weight. You may feel a little silly wearing it the wrong way around, but it saves money and is a super easy alternative!

Paper plates

If you’re working out on a carpeted area, paper plates are can make a great substitute for sliders, so your mountain climbs aren’t ruined!

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