Give guided runs a go


Although running is the perfect solo activity, and many people enjoy some alone-alone to escape from a hectic schedule, a lot of us find inspiration and encouragement from running with a partner or in a group.

The Sport Aberdeen Running Club on Strava is a great way to add a community feel to your new solo runs, with ongoing support from fellow members and organised activity, but sometimes what you really need is someone encouraging you along the way, a voice in your ear telling you how far you’ve gone, how well you’re doing and not to give up. Right?

If you, like so many (including myself), often find it somewhat tricky to keep up the momentum throughout your run and find yourself easily giving up have way through, I would strongly encourage you to give Nike Run Club’s ‘Guided Runs’ a go.

Nike Run Club is a great free app for both seasoned athletes or complete newbies alike. The programme will track your runs but also offers a huge selection of guided runs.

What are ‘Guided Runs’?

Essentially Nike provides you with a virtual coach. You pick the distance, time, or kind of run you want to embark on, and Nike will talk you through it, literally. Download your chosen programme, tie your laces, plug in your earphones and off you go.

Can I still listen to music?

If music is your go-to running companion don’t worry. With the guided runs you can play music in the background and track your run on Strava at the same time. Each time there is a break in the talking your music will come to the forefront and play until your virtual coach checks in with milestones, motivation and tips for a better running experience, including advice on breathing and mental resilience.

Download the NRC app for Android or iOS and get started!

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