Meet our Adventure Aberdeen Outdoor Instructors… Gavin Taylor and Daisy Farquharr


If you have a passion for the great outdoors and fancy an exciting career doing what you love, then you’ve landed on the right blog at the right time.

Our next course to become an outdoor activity instructor is fast approaching… taking place from Monday 27 June to Friday 16 September in the picturesque Cairngorms National Park.

Accommodation is provided and you’ll receive training towards National Governing Body qualifications in:

  • First Aid at work
  • Foundation Safety Rescue Training (includes assessment)
  • Paddlesport Instructor (training and assessment)
  • White Water Safety Rescue (includes assessment)
  • Level 2 Mountain Bike (training and assessment)
  • Summer Mountain Leader Award (training and assessment dependent on experience)
  • Rock Climbing Instructor Training

We caught up with two of our Adventure Aberdeen Outdoor Instructors, Gavin Taylor and Daisy Farquharr, to find out more about what they each gained from participating in the course.

What motivated you to do the course in the first place?

Daisy: The thing that motivated me to do the course was seeing other outdoor instructors inspiring others and helping them to experience new activities and life skills.

Gavin: I was paid off during the pandemic from my 11-year career in the oil and gas industry. Prior to this, I served nine years in the British Army where I discovered my love for outdoor adventures.

I spent a few years gaining military qualifications, similar to the civilian ones you get today. I carried out an adventure training instructor role at Gordon Barracks in Aberdeen for a few years and looking back, this was an ace job.

So, going back to when I was made redundant, I decided to leave oil and gas completely, take a risk and look for a new more rewarding career – this is where Adventure Aberdeen came in. I successfully applied to be an instructor and went through the course. All of my previous career experience, coupled with being a keen ultra-marathon athlete, lead me to me pursuing a new career in the outdoors.

What did you particularly enjoy about the course?

Daisy: I enjoyed getting to work with highly skilled outdoor instructors and learning from their experiences. I loved feeling pushed at points, but then supported and guided when I needed it – it was a good mix.

Gavin: I loved meeting a whole bunch of like-minded people, learning new skills and visiting new places. I learned loads from the excellent trainers, and I felt at home with all the assessments.

What did you gain from doing the course?

Daisy: The things I gained were highly accredited qualifications, close relationships with new friends, more self-belief and confidence.

Gavin: I have gained some amazing new friends and colleagues and have settled into a great working environment. I have turned most of my military qualifications into civilian ones which has been ideal, and I now have so much more quality family time at home compared to working away for 20 years.

What do you love most now about your job as an instructor?

Daisy: I love allowing people the opportunity to grow in confidence and realise what they are capable of, I find that so rewarding. Also being able to spend most of my time outside, with each day being very varied. The work I do is always exciting and fun!

Gavin: Working outdoors has positively impacted my physical and mental health, and I get to have so much fun whilst working, what a balance! My job allows me to inspire others and help them to better realise their abilities so they can challenge themselves whilst having lots of fun. I am a firm believer that our potential is endless, and we can achieve so much when we put our minds to it.

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Image: L-R Daisy Farquharr and Gavin Taylor