Steph's Summer of Sport Week One


About Me

Hi there, my name is Steph and I am currently a student in Glasgow studying International business with marketing. I have just finished third year of university and so for the summer I will be working at Sport Aberdeen doing a marketing internship, preparing for the world of work to come. 

I have a huge interest in many sports, both watching and participating in them. I play hockey multiple times per week which I really enjoy and I have played a range of sports over the years including netball, badminton and tennis.

When I was younger I benefitted from Sport Aberdeen’s Coached Programmes and attended gymnastics, swimming and tennis. I still enjoy keeping fit by going to the gym and taking part in different fitness classes.

To get a good understanding of everything Sport Aberdeen has to offer, I will be going to a number of Sport Aberdeen’s facilities to try out some different activities and classes. I will be attending classes that cater to a range of ages and fitness abilities, as well as ones at different locations around the city.

About Sport Aberdeen

When I first started here, I was so surprised to find out the number and range of activities on offer. There is something for everyone, from sport coaching programmes for kids including swimming, tennis and Snowsports, active lifestyles options for older adults or those living with a health condition, learn to run and swim programmes for adults, outdoor bootcamps as well as a whole range of gym classes from High Intensity Abs, Cycle Vive and even a range of Les Mills classes. There is so much on I can’t wait to get out there and get stuck in!

What To Expect When Reading

I will try a new activity or class each week I am here as an intern and share my experiences with you all. Between this and the many sporting events happening over the summer I am hoping to inspire you to get out there and give something a go! There is something for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level – let’s make the North East a fitter and healthier place.

Who we work with:

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