Steph’s Summer of Sport Week Six


Body Pump

For the last week of ‘Steph’s Summer of Sport’ I decided to go to an indoor group exercise class. I thought I should push myself for this last entry, so I went to Les Mills Body Pump.  Although Body Pump is a fairly well-known class, I had never actually been to one before.    

Body Pump is a great full body workout which allows you to burn calories and build strength whilst toning up. Les Mills describes Body Pump as “The original barbell class”. The class lasted for 45 minutes and consists of 10 routines to different tracks of music, all of which work different areas of the body. These include: chest, back, core, shoulders, triceps and biceps.

The class is mainly carried out using a bar and some routines also involve using a plate or a step. I would recommend arriving 10 minutes early to the class to allow time to set up your bar. The class is very adaptable as you can make the bar as light or as heavy as you choose. If someone is struggling or finding it too easy during the class, then they can take weight off or add weight on respectively. Weights can be also be adjusted throughout the class to suit the area of the body being worked. 

This Les Mills class is great for keeping participants engaged as the class routine changes every six-weeks. Having the class run in six-week cycles is great for regulars as they will begin to learn the routine, allowing them to maximise their workout. For those less familiar with Les Mills classes, I would recommend going to a launch class, which runs every six weeks. To find out when the Les Mills launch classes are keep an eye out on the Sport Aberdeen Facebook page for classes at both Get Active @ Jesmond and Get Active @ Sheddocksley. 

At the end of the session we were told “it doesn’t matter if you are new to the class, all that matters is that you are here today.” This is so true and something that everyone should remember. This definitely made me feel a sense of achievement and reminded me that taking part really is the most important thing.

I hope ‘Steph’s Summer of Sport’ has inspired some of you to get out and get more active this summer, whatever class or activity you have chosen to do. If you are feeling nervous or intimated about turning up to any of the classes don’t be! Bear in mind that everyone was in that position at some point, including me!

Once you have been, you will never be ‘the new person’ again! At all of the Sport Aberdeen classes I have been to this summer everyone has been so welcoming and friendly, and even though I was new to all the classes I attended, I never felt left out or embarrassed by not knowing anyone or what to do. You will only feel better for going!

Remember, it is never too late to start getting active!

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