Tips for Running in Darker Nights


With Christmas and New Year coming in fast, the BHGE 10K in May will be upon us in no time! Being in Aberdeen may not be the best for weather, or for sunlight for that matter, but don’t let that halt any start you would like to make on your training. The practice you get in now, will make coming back from the Christmas break a lot easier.

It can be daunting running in the dark nights of cold Aberdeen…

Wrap up and be seen!

Make sure you wrap up and get yourself some fluorescent clothing! It’s important you are seen while you are running – we don’t want any accidents to put you off completing your 10K! Luckily, it’ll brighten up around February, but for the next 2 months, wrap up warm and be seen!

The staff at Run4It  are super helpful and will be able to sort you out with that much needed top, jacket, leggings or trainers. With Christmas approaching you might even be able to grab yourself a deal!

Don’t want to splurge on a whole new reflective wardrobe before Christmas? Small items such as gloves and reflective bands will increase your visibility too.

Get yourself a running buddy

It can be slightly less motivating running in the dark, maybe a little bit scary sometimes so why not grab a running partner? I’m sure you have that friend or partner who is looking to get involved with the BHGE 10k or even exercising in general. Running alongside someone can give you an extra push of motivation to finish your run and a bit of extra confidence with your training. Why not grab a training program and follow it together?

Pick well-lit routes to train

Some of the common routes around Aberdeen aren’t very well lit (Aberdeen Beach, Hazlehead Park) so choose a route you are a bit more comfortable with, that’s a little bit brighter. There’s nothing wrong with road running, even doing some intervals in-between street lights! Union street is a mile long… which is 1.6KM. You could easily build up some distance training around central areas.

Train inside

OK so outside might not be the best for training over winter but there is plenty of training you can do indoors. Check out the Sport Aberdeen timetables for classes or head to one of our gyms and pick a workout on the running machine.

Don’t let the weather or evenings put you off! Choose reflective wear, be bright, be bold, be safe!

Happy 10K Training!







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