Volunteer Profile: Aileen Dawson


Say hello to Aileen Dawson, who works for Sport Aberdeen and who volunteers with Bucksburn Swimming Club.

Aileen has been a member of Bucksburn ASC from the very start, since the club was created in 1990, 29 years ago! She started out as a parent poolside helper, progressed onto gaining her coaching qualifications and eventually went all the way up to Head Coach.

With over 30 years volunteering with the club, Aileen has nurtured the swimmers both on and off poolside and is well loved by all in the Bucksburn ASC family. Aileen currently coaches one of the junior squads twice a week and her wealth of knowledge and experience is irreplaceable.

Aileen is also Sport Aberdeen’s Aquatics Coordinator for Bucksburn Swimming Pool, where she manages the Learn to Swim pathway all the way from babies up to children moving into club swimming and beyond.

It’s the ‘Perfect Partnership’ with Aileen guiding children in learning to swim, while having fun and inspiring those with big dreams to go all the way to competing at District and National level.

Aileen is also a mentor to both Sport Aberdeen’s teachers and Bucksburn ASC’s coaches, guiding them through qualifications and encouraging former athletes to move from swimming to coaching, allowing them to stay in the sport and give back to the community that has given them so much.

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