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Adult Beginner Intensive Classes Provides Great Results!


Sport Aberdeen regularly runs adult beginner intensive swimming classes – these often take place during school holidays.

Sessions were recently held between Monday 1st to Friday 5th April at Get active @ Northfield, taking the structure of the already established adult lesson assessment framework but instead of attending once a week, these individuals completed an intensive one-week course.

Acting as a stepping stone into Sport Aberdeen’s wider adult lesson programme, the intensive classes covered a variety of strokes across the week, as well as basic lifesaving skills such as floatation and regaining feet whilst within the water.

Allan, a participant at the sessions, says the benefits of the class were incredible: “I have been terrified of water since childhood and honestly never thought I would ever be in a pool again in my life. When my older grandchildren were smaller, I never enjoyed playing at the pool with them on holidays and was terrified of being splashed. I now have two more grandchildren who live in Dubai and it was a bit of a dream to think I would be able to take them for a swim and play in the pool with them.

“I finally booked the 5-day course and on the first day I almost didn’t go in. In the end I did, thinking I would do one session, hate it, and never go back. I was incredibly nervous.

“Callum and his team (with special mention of Oliver and Maisie who dedicated most of their time to me) are all brilliant. They were all very supportive and understanding. They understood that I needed extra support and encouragement and really took the time to make sure I was comfortable.

“During the five days they didn’t just support me in getting in the water, but they got me to the point where I was happy ducking under the water, jumping in, and floating – something I genuinely thought I would never ever be able to do. I put this off for 40 years and thanks to Callum and his team I now feel like I’m in control in the water and I have signed up for weekly lessons to carry on the work, which I’m now enjoying!

“To anyone who like me has a fear of water and keeps putting it off or is even just nervous about going to a class, I would say absolutely just go for it. It’s the best thing I’ve done, and I only wish I had done it sooner.”

For those interested in the adult intensive swimming skills programme, Sport Aberdeen has this on offer at Get active @ Northfield and Tullos Swimming Pool throughout the summer holidays and this can be booked here: