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RGU Placement Student’s Fitness and Nutrition Programme Hugely Benefits Participants


27-year-old Lotty Smythe joined Sport Aberdeen for a 12-week placement to further her learning in food, nutrition and human health. During her time on placement, she developed and launched a 6-week fitness and nutrition programme for Sport Aberdeen members to help them achieve their goals and enhance their knowledge.

A survey was distributed to participants before the sessions took place which found over 80% didn’t fuel their bodies before exercise and 80% didn’t feel confident using gym equipment.

Working closely with Evelyn Mair, Group Health and Fitness Manager, Lotty delivered the sessions which saw participants undertake two fitness sessions per week with health and fitness instructors, as well as the nutrition sessions that she led.

The nutrition sessions contained information about what healthy eating is, energy balance and intake, healthy eating on a budget, maintaining a healthy diet and nutrition for sport and exercise.

One participant said: “I would say I’ve picked up simple tips like swapping to brown rice and pasta to get my fibre intake up and have learned healthy ways to fuel and refuel for exercise. I’ve also learned I’m definitely stronger than I thought I was!”

Another who attended the sessions said: “I would like to say a huge thank to Sport Aberdeen for running this 6-week course. This course has kick started my desire to put myself first for a change. I have learned a lot from both the nutrition and exercise sessions, met some incredibly knowledgeable professionals and also made some new friends.”

Following the programme, participants completed a survey about their experience – the results showed that 100% have improved their knowledge about how to eat healthy on a budget, with 85% saying their knowledge of what a healthy diet is has changed. In addition to this, 57% of those who attended the sessions have increased the number of times they visit the gym.

RGU Placement student Lotty Smythe said: “The fitness and nutrition programme has provided a great opportunity for individuals to learn more about nutrition and exercise and build their confidence using the gym and gym equipment.

“A key topic of conversation from participants was around the confidence of using different equipment correctly in the gym so I think this was a great offering from Sport Aberdeen to build knowledge and improve health and fitness.

“This was a great opportunity during my placement to build on my knowledge and public speaking skills whilst delivering a series of nutrition workshops to the public.”

Evelyn Mair, Group Health and Fitness Manager, said: “Over the last 12 weeks we have had the privilege of hosting an RGU Human Health & Nutrition Student Placement with Lotty Smythe.

“Lotty has been a fantastic addition to the team, working alongside our health and fitness instructors to deliver a 6-week fitness and nutrition member engagement programme, busting myths around healthy eating and fuelling for exercise and lots more.

“Lotty worked with various members and athletes during her time on placement and has contributed to an increase in participation and improved physical health of these individuals. This

helped to support our wider communities and teams with resources and information, all of which has been massively beneficial and greatly appreciated.”