General News:

An extreme day out for girls’ sports initiative


Girls from Dyce Academy got the opportunity to try their hand at a range of exciting activities to inspire them to be more physically active.

Organised by positive female role models from Dyce Academy – English Teacher, Keri Taylor and senior pupils Rebekah Singer and Iona Copeland – in association with the Active Girls Committee, the outing to Transition Extreme showcased a number of alternative activities, including skateboarding, BMX biking and rock climbing to demonstrate the breadth of activities available to girls to encourage participation in physical activity to help maintain a healthy active lifestyle.

Development Manager – Active Communities at Sport Aberdeen, Graeme Dale, said:

“The Active Girls Committee are working very hard throughout Aberdeen to encourage more girls and young women to get involved in sport and physical activity.

“The group are fantastic female role models and this year will continue their focus on breaking down barriers currently stopping many young girls from participating in sport.”

Commenting on the outing, Keri Taylor, English Teacher at Dyce Academy, said:

“Events like today’s are really important because a lot of these girls haven’t had the chance to try activities like this and it’s good to get them out of their comfort zones.

“Extreme sports might be seen as being dominated on school trips by boys, so this gives the girls a chance to come along with their pals and do it on their terms.”

Set up by Sport Aberdeen’s Active Schools team, the ACG initiative aims to increase activity amongst girls by 10% by the end of school year 2019/20, after figures reported by Active Schools – both nationally and locally – have shown that the level of girls’ participation in extracurricular sport tends to drop over the course of their time at secondary school.  

The committee itself comprises of girls from each academy across the city who endeavour to inspire their peers and increase the number of girls taking part in regular sport and physical activity.