General News:

Belt Examinations for Sooyang Do


This spectacular martial art event took place on 30th May at the Westdyke Leisure Centre with 33 current Sooyang Do black belt students successfully attaining their belt promotion and a further 17 senior students earning the right to be awarded with that coveted Black Belt for the first time. Congratulations to all on this great achievement.

The Black Belt examination, which concluded with a traditional wood breaking extravaganza provided a stern test of each individual’s technical ability, power and endurance which resulted in them receiving their awards during a subsequent belt presentation ceremony.

A further 300 less advanced students also passed their Coloured Belt examinations and are now taking their next step in their own personal “journey” towards their goal towards black belt status.

This year has witnessed rapid growth within all UKSA clubs, providing opportunities for increasing numbers to experience the very real benefits of our unique methods and philosophy, within a positive and disciplined environment.