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Club Ready Competition highlights strong working partnership between Sport Aberdeen and Bridge of Don Amateur Swim Club


Sport Aberdeen and local Bridge of Don Amateur Swim Club (BODASC) have forged a longstanding partnership built on mutual support and shared goals.

The charity’s vital contribution to BODASC’s entry squad ensures that incoming swimmers arrive consistently and well-equipped to learn. The collaboration extends to events including the Club Ready Competition, aimed at enhancing the swimmer experience and creating seamless transitions into the club.

The Club Ready Competition is one of the numerous benefits from the established partnership between Sport Aberdeen and BODASC. By creating a smoother transition for swimmers, the competition has led to increased club membership and improved transparency in the enrolment process.

It also serves as a valuable opportunity for swimmers and parents to meet club coaches, providing an insight into BODASC’s culture and kickstarting relationships crucial for the future of the club and the sport.

The Club Ready Competition was developed to streamline the transition process from Learn to Swim to club participation. By creating a welcoming environment where possible swimmers and their families can interact with current members, the competition helps to create a sense of unity within the swimming community.

Through planning and coordination between BODASC, Sport Aberdeen and a dedicated team of volunteers, the latest event ran smoothly, with over 45 swimmers participating. Some swimmers chose to sign up immediately with others continuing their lessons with Sport Aberdeen, allowing them to further develop their skills before deciding whether to join a club.

The presence of participation certificates, which included swimmers’ personal times, reinforced the inclusive spirit of the event, celebrating every swimmer’s efforts and achievements.

Looking ahead, BODASC’s vision involves a continued focus on nurturing its partnership with Sport Aberdeen with open communication channels and proactively identifying opportunities for further collaboration. Moreover, the club plans to expand its efforts by organising additional Club Ready meets.

These events not only streamline the personal transition process for swimmers but also serve as pivotal moments for integrating new members into the BODASC club vibrant culture.

Along with BODASC, Sport Aberdeen supports and works alongside various other swimming clubs across the city. These partnerships ensure that collectively, Sport Aberdeen and the swimming clubs can create an environment where every swimmer can thrive and reach their full potential.

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