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Modern Apprentices Reflect on Year


As part of Apprentice Week with Skills Development Scotland, Sport Aberdeen is praising the program and the success it has bred.

Sport Aberdeen introduced a new 12 month modern apprentice program in 2014 which invites anyone aged 16 – 24 to gain a relevant S/NVQ qualification over the course of a year while gaining vital experience in their sporting field and being paid.

Launching on 1st December, The Sport Academy Apprenticeship was the first of its kind in Scotland. Kick-starting a career in sport, mentors were allocated to each participant as they underwent personalised training based on their needs and preferences while teaching core skills and industry specific training

As well as full Sport Aberdeen staff benefits and gaining imperative knowledge and understanding of the workplace, apprentices could potentially find themselves fast tracked for future roles within the company.

With the programs first full year concluded, a number of apprentices have spoken about their experience.

Amy Morrison left school unsure of her direction but soon found her feet with Sport Aberdeen. Assigned to a role within the Booking Department, her responsibilities whilst also undertaking on the job training such for SVQ Modules, dementia awareness, walk leader, external customer service and fire warden.

“I have received great support from all the office colleagues and have felt like a valued member of a great team. I have grown in confidence and have accomplished such a lot over the year. I was given sole responsibility for the booking office within 10 months and am learning new skills all the time. I am happy I have been offered full time work with Sports Aberdeen and feel I have more to offer and to learn from them.

Cassie Cowper is an eager young lady with a bright future ahead of her. Eager to get stuck into work, she has also had to find the balance between her new apprentice role and representing Aberdeen FC Ladies and the Scotland Football Team! Coaching in multiple sports, she quickly adapted and valued her experience.

“Working from Sports Centres, I was able to develop my social and coaching skills so I was always learning a lot. Overall I am very happy with my decision to leave school and join the scheme. I have learned lots of news skills and met a lot of new people.”

Arran Buchan began his year at The Beacon Centre, where his main focus was customer service and coaching. Staff at the venue, including his mentor, were quick to praise Arrans growing confidence, skillset and ability. His willingness to help with any task earned him the Sport Aberdeen Employee of the Month Award for April and such was his level of commitment and improvement, he would later win the prestigious Employee of the Year Award. A hugely impressive feat for an Apprentice.

“I would 100% recommend the Modern Apprenticeship to everyone. You will gain a lot of experience in both Operations, the behind the scenes running of Active Schools clubs and Coaching. Also, you will gain a qualification that relates to most Industries and will get full guidance throughout the year by Direct Partners.”

Alex Wilkinson applied for the Apprenticeship after hearing about it through his career advisor at school. Assigned to the Marketing Team, Alex developed a whole new range of skills throughout his year. He also worked with Active Schools helping with after school clubs and events.

“I really enjoyed my time as it’s a good feeling to know you are helping kids progress their skills while having fun and I am now confident enough to deliver sessions on multiple activities.

I felt this year has been a very successful one for me and I have matured a lot and it was given me a good idea on what I want to do when I am older.”