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Norma Chalmers crowned Employee of the Year at Chairman's Awards Ceremony


Award-winning charity Sport Aberdeen held its annual Chairman’s Awards Ceremony at Rev de Cuba in September, toasting to its employees and teams for all their hard work and commitment.

Each Employee of the Month was presented with a framed certificate from the charity’s chairman Tony Dawson, and colleagues continued the evening’s celebrations over some tapas and refreshments.      

Norma Chalmers was crowned Employee of the Year for showing compassion and helping a member of the public on her way to work at Get active @ Kincorth.

The individual had sustained noticeable injuries but was adamant he would be fine to take the bus home, however Norma persuaded him to contact a family member to take him to hospital.

She waited until said family member arrived, helping to keep the individual calm with her friendly and reassuring manner.

Another member of the public appeared and was amazed by the level of care and compassion delivered by Norma and wanted to ensure she was given recognition by her employer.  

The Team of the Year award went to the Get active @ Beach Leisure Centre team for their impressive effort to transform the former creche space into a new studio. The attractive studio space has proven popular with customers and members attending fitness classes, and every team member played a key role in the transformation.

The team from Get active @ Beach Leisure Centre with Tony Dawson

Tony Dawson, Sport Aberdeen chairman, said: “It is so important to recognise and reward staff success, and the Sport Aberdeen Annual Chairman’s Awards is a great way to do so.

“I’m impressed by all the employees and teams who received certificates on the evening, demonstrating their outstanding contribution to the core values and purpose of Sport Aberdeen.

“I must also take a moment to appreciate that every employee across the charity plays their part in helping more people in Aberdeen to get active and for this they should be proud, as I certainly am.”