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Sport Aberdeen leisure attendant and rising amateur boxing star is one to watch


Sport Aberdeen leisure attendant Liam Howe started boxing with Byron Boxing Club in 2017 and has been there ever since, training three nights per week on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

He is committed to his own additional training on top of this, usually at Get active @ Alex Collie or Get active @ Jesmond, increasing his training frequency to six times per week. He also enjoys running outdoors in the summer.

When asked how he initially got into the sport, Liam replied: “I remember randomly thinking… I fancy giving boxing a go – I’ll find somewhere and give it a try, and it all started from there.”

Liam competed at the Scottish Development Championships at the Raven’s Craig Centre in Motherwell earlier in January and scooped silver after winning his fight in the semi-final.

At the same event the year before – in February 2022 – Liam secured gold by winning against four people, stopping three people in the first round and one in the second round. This makes Liam a one-time national champion and he still holds this title. 

To date, he has achieved remarkable results, with eight wins out of the 10 fights he has competed in. His first loss was at age 16 and then last month.

Liam hopes to enter more competitions later on this year. He works with four different coaches at Byron Boxing Club and other non-official coaches support with his training – Kevin Kerr, Niall Munro and his Dad Tony are his main coaches.

Asked about his future goals for boxing, Liam said: “I just look to the next big thing or competition, and then need to give myself at least a full month with no alcohol.

“I need to weigh 60kg or under for national championships, so I have to be really careful with my weight, usually I cut down from around 65-66kg.”

He laughs: “I’m usually really moody when I’m cutting, but it’s got to be done.

“The worst part probably is cutting weight; the training part is easy as I’ve been doing it for five years now. The weight is more difficult as I have ups and downs.”

Liam told us that every club has a home show at least once a year, where family and friends get dressed up for the occasion and come along to watch the fights.

Now aged 21, rising star Liam is definitely one to watch and everyone at Sport Aberdeen wishes him all the success with his training and competitions going forward.