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TV Star Runs for Friends of Anchor


Local resident Daniel Campion is preparing for the 2015 Baker Hughes 10k with different motivation than most.

Daniel is currently featuring in Channel 4’s ‘The Island with Bear Grylls’ where he and other participants survive in harsh conditions with little to no assistance.

“Episode 3 aired most recently and I’m actually seeing it for the first time myself” Daniel told Sport Aberdeen, “I’ve been away working and didn’t get to see it before it went out to the public. It’s interesting seeing things I didn’t actually see while there and getting different perspectives.”

“There is a certain stigma against young professionals. I was getting close to 30, found myself looking at expensive cars and decided I needed to do something drastic. I loved watching the first series and emailed channel 4 to apply for the next season. My family didn’t quite understand. There was over 100,000 applicants so I couldn’t believe it when they phone me say ‘this just got real!’ “

After losing 3 stone while on The Island, Daniel returned to Aberdeen where he recovered. But after passing the threshold he soon found himself to be heavier than before he left.

“I went back to the gym where I mostly enjoy deadlifts. But Friends of Anchor got in touch and offered me the space for the 10K. I’ve worked with them in the past so I was delighted to represent them. But it also gave me a target to work towards, rather than casual exercise”

While challenges and races are not alien to Daniel this will be his first Baker Hughes 10K and is not underestimating the challenge.

“I’ve done Tough Mudder 4 times and various other challenges, but I think I will find this quite tough. I’m not really a runner but having something to work towards will help me shift the weight.”

Friends of Anchor are delighted to have Daniel as part of their race team. They work tirelessly to ensure their cancer and haematology care is the best it can be.

“On top of my personal goals, I’m running for a great charity. It would be very easy to have ran myself where I could fail, let myself down and that would be ok. But I can’t let Anchor down and that inspires me even more.”

Friends of ANCHOR is committed to raising funds for crucial investments into non-NHS diagnostic and surgical equipment, patient wellbeing services and initiatives and local, ground-breaking cancer research projects led by top clinicians at the University of Aberdeen.

If you would like to take part in this year’s 10K our charities still have spaces.

For a list of charities contact information including Friends of Anchor visit:

Photos Courtesy of The Press and Journal.