Virtual Activities

Virtual Activities

How Active is Your School?

Active Schools aim is to get More Children, More Active, More Often. Due to the current pandemic, the Active Schools team has developed ways that they can support your school to get active in the classroom. We have created a 6-week challenge with supporting resources, which will be delivered from April to June 2021. All challenges are themed around health and wellbeing and designed to fit in with the normal school day. Each challenge will be released every second Monday beginning on Monday 12 April.

Active Schools in the Classroom

You will be provided with an interactive PowerPoint and pre-recorded presentation to use in class at your convenience. The theme for each week will be reflected in the presentation. This will also link to the Class Challenges and GO LIVE videos.

Alternatively, presentations can be delivered by teachers in class if the pre-recorded PowerPoint is not suitable.

Class Challenges

The aim of each challenge is for classes within your school to take part and compete against each other. There is a minimum requirement of two classes per school, but we would love to see as many classes as possible taking part. Multiple points are on offer for each challenge.

All challenges are focussed around health and wellbeing and designed to fit in with the normal school day without taking time away from teachers.

We will provide you with a printable leader board to display within your school, where you can total up points gained by each class for the challenges set throughout the six weeks.

At the end of the 6 weeks, we will send through virtual certificates for the winning class. Participation certificates are also available for classes who take part.

Each challenge will begin on the Monday of each week and will also be publicised through the Active Schools Facebook page via our YouTube videos.

Active Schools GO Live!

Each week you will be sent a short activity video from the Active Schools team for each class to watch and take part in.

Videos will link to the themes detailed below. We hope that this can be a useful resource to support teachers.

How to Register

If your school wishes to take part in the ‘How Active is your School?’ challenge, please contact your Active Schools Coordinator.

If you would prefer to share this with your class teachers and for them to pick out content, then equally please contact your Coordinator who will send them the videos and resources.

How Active is Your School? – Timetable
Week 1 (12 April) Week 2 (26 April) Week 3 (10 May)
Active Schools in the Classroom Physical activity Healthy eating quiz Resilience
Class Challenge Gain a point every time you complete the Daily Mile Drink 6 glasses or 3 bottles of water per day Ask a friend how they are feeling
Active Schools GO LIVE! Outdoor circuit Eatwell games (Outdoors) Mindfulness videos
  Week 4 (24 May) Week  5 (7 June) Week 6 (21 June)
Active Schools in the Classroom Screen time Exploring our local area Included
Class Challenge Having a device free day Draw a picture of 5 things you saw on your journey to school Take a photo/ draw a picture of how you have been inclusive
Active Schools GO LIVE! Chair-based stretching Communication maps Outdoor games