Mini Tennis

Suitable for primary school age players aged 5–11 years. This stage has four progression levels dictated by age and then ability.
  • Blue (5–6 years old)
    At the Blue stage, children will learn fundamental skills for tennis through play in a fun, stimulating and safe environment. Children will be encouraged to make decisions and positively cooperate with other children. Sessions will be active with skills being developed at an appropriate pace to the child’s experience and ability.
  • Red (7–8 years old)
    At the Red stage, children practice serving (with an overarm throw,) rally and learn to play points. Coaches will help children to develop adaptive skills, coordination, balance and speed. Through basic instruction, children continue to prepare for the game ahead.
  • Orange Tennis (9 years and under)
    At the Orange stage children learn the rules and scoring to play the game from serve and return. Coaches will support children to grow their motor skills (orientation, hand-eye coordination, running and moving) to play in a dynamic environment. At the Orange stage, children will increase proficiency, and problem-solving skills and learn sportsmanship.
  • Green Tennis (10 years and under)
    At the Green, stage children enjoy playing tennis on a full-size court. Coaches will help children to grow their game to play with variety and will continue to improve their tactical awareness whilst refining technique. Children will become more autonomous and accept greater responsibilities.

Cost: £27.30 per month payable by direct debit.

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