Celebrate St Andrew’s Day Sport Aberdeen style, with some healthy alternatives


St. Andrew’s Day is Scotland’s national day, celebrating our patron saint. This national holiday is largely celebrated with indulgent feasts on November 30.

St Andrew has been celebrated in Scotland for over a thousand years, although, it wasn’t until 1320, when Scotland’s independence was declared with the signing of The Declaration of Arbroath, that he officially became Scotland’s patron saint.

We are all for celebrating with a hearty feast, but this doesn’t mean you have to over indulge yourself. Take a look at these lighter and alternate recipe options and celebrate St Andrew in style this year!

Did you know?

St Andrew wasn’t actually Scottish, it is believed that he was born a place that is now part of Israel and he is also the patron saint of Romania, Greece, Russia, Ukraine and Poland!

The usual culprits

Vegan Haggis – try out this twist on the ultimate Scottish dish and celebrate our national night with a serving of goodness!

Cullen skink – Another Scottish staple and a local speciality that originates from the town of Cullen in Moray, on our north coast. Wholesome and high in omega-3, give this low-fat dish a go!

Something a little different for the adventurous amongst you

Risotto – If you love the thought of Cullen skink, but fancy something a little more filling then why not give this risotto a go. All the goodness of the original with a hearty twist, perfect for your post-workout meal.

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Something a little lighter

Perfect for on the go, in lunchboxes or as part of a bigger meal. These two somewhat quintessentially Scottish treats often come with a hefty calorie count. Try these lighter options below for a healthy twist on two old favourites.

Lighter scotch eggs

The ultimate makeover sausage rolls

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