Changing Lives

Sport Aberdeen is committed to creating opportunities, inspiring people and changing lives through sport and physical activity.

As a charity, Sport Aberdeen reinvests every penny it makes back into the communities that it serves. Through this reinvestment of resource and the many projects, services, programmes and events that the organisation leads on to create opportunities and inspire people; we truly believe that we help to change lives.

Looked After Project – Overview

Sport Aberdeen’s Looked After Project started in August 2016 and aims to use sport and physical activity to positively impact the lives of looked after children and young people (CYP) in Aberdeen.

Aberdeen City Council, as the Corporate Parent, has responsibility for over 500 CYP, which many of these having experiences of trauma, poor relationships, missed education, as well as poor physical and mental health. As such they are disproportionately affected by poorer outcomes such as poor mental health, involvement in alcohol and substance misuse, involvement in offending behaviour and unemployment.

The project supports looked after CYP who are experiencing difficulties, whether that be with their home or family situation, in education or in their community. This support is through bespoke 1 to 1 or small group interventions that use sport and physical activity to promote positive self esteem and mental health, while providing a reliable, consistent adult role model.

The project is based on strong partnership working between Sport Aberdeen and Aberdeen City Council’s Education and Social Work departments, and a move of resources to allow a preventative, as opposed to a reactive, approach. Both of whom (previously mentioned) provide the referrals for CYP to become part of the programme and then Sport Aberdeen works with other leisure and activity providers to deliver the requested interventions.

These partnerships allow a wide variety of sports and activities to be offered as part of the interventions, such as Horse Riding, Boxing, Skate Boarding and BMXing. The project also has a steering group that is made up of representatives from the different partners to ensure that it is always focused on meeting the needs of the CYP who are looked after.

If you would like to find out more about the Looked After Project please contact Grant Wilson, Inclusion Manager