Have your cake and eat it: guilt free Christmas grub


Christmas, that time of year when the woollies come out, the tree goes up and you can’t help but sing along when you hear the obligatory, over-played holiday tunes. There is a lot to look forward to, but Christmas really wouldn’t be complete without an extravagant spread of edible delights.

All of the festive favourites will undoubtedly be making their yearly appearance, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We have found the perfect recipes that don’t come with an extra serving of guilt. Whether it’s Christmas party food prep or just a little holiday treat for yourself, get the oven gloves out and indulge with these festive foodie treats.

Curried lentil, parsnip & apple soup

This spicy soup combines red lentils, apples and parsnips for a smooth, warming soup – a low fat meal that you can make ahead and freeze. Click here for full recipe.

Cranberry chicken salad

Use up leftover cranberry sauce in this healthy salad. Add a can of cannellini beans if you want to bulk it up! Click here for full recipe.

Sticky apple cups

These simple dessert cups are made in the microwave and are brilliant to use up leftover dates and prunes. Click here for full recipe.

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